The Biggest Innovators in Technology: Famous Men and Companies

July 9th, 2013 by admin

When most people think about the innovators in the tech industry, the conversation usually comes down to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. These two CEOs were undoubtedly instrumental in the computer revolution, and both of them took the industry in completely new directions. What many people do not know is that both of them got their breakthrough innovations from Xerox.

The popular view is that Gates copied much of Apple's ideas when he was developing software for the Cupertino company. This may or may not be true. What is true is that Apple got most of those ideas from the Palo Alto Research Company, or PARC, which was set up as a research and development project by Xerox in 1970.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here.

The key innovations that would allow the Mac, and then Windows, to change the world came from New Mexico. The most important of these were the mouse and the graphical user interface, or GUI. It was the GUI that allegedly sent Jobs into a rage when he first heard about Windows. When Jobs confronted Gates about the matter the Microsoft founder famously replied that they both had a rich neighbor called Xerox, and when he broke in to steal the TV set he found out that Apple had already stolen it.

Technology on the Horizon: What’s Coming in 2013

May 23rd, 2013 by admin

We are in an incredibly exciting time for technology. Now that the smartphone has changed from exciting and new to status quo, the question is 'what is next?'. Here are just a few of the technology trends we can expect to see in the coming year.

Touch-free Technology - Google Glass is just the beginning of what is to come. As speech recognition and eye movement tracking software get better, it is only a matter of time before these technologies become standard. Upcoming products like the NUIA eyeCharm allow you to control your computer with your eyes by simply looking at an item you want to use.

Smart Everything - From smart homes to smart cars, technology is going to become integrated into our lives in a more intuitive way. The Cadillac Super Cruise will be a consumer car that can take control of your car in certain conditions. With smart TVs becoming the norm, the technology to centrally control every part of your house will become more readily available to consumers.

3D Printing - Having a technology this powerful accessible to consumers is sure to create big changes. We can expect 3D printers to become more powerful and more affordable, empowering designers all across the world.

Technology Saves Lives: The Inner Workings of Life Support

April 6th, 2013 by admin

Although most people know what a life support machine is, the majority of people have no clue how it works. There are several parts of a life support machine that allow it to function effectively. Feeding tubes are very important components of a life support machine. A life support machine consists of a variety of different therapies and machines.

All of these therapies and machines work in perfect harmony to keep a person alive. Feeding tubes are important because they deliver nutrients to a person who is on life support. Life support patients cannot swallow and have no muscle control, which is why they need tubes to receive nutrients.

Most feeding tubes are made from silicon and are nasogastric, which means the tubes go through the nose into the stomach. A ventilator is another important part of a life support machine. By using negative and positive-pressure ventilation, a ventilator forces oxygen into the patient's lungs. In most cases, a ventilator uses a bellows system.

A patient on life support will normally receive an endotracheal tube through their nose and mouth. Life support machines also have lung and heart bypass machinery, which takes over lung and heart functions. The cardiopulmonary bypass part of a life support machine keeps blood circulation at proper levels. Life support machines need all of these systems to function.

Technology in the home – the 3D camcorder

January 9th, 2013 by admin

3-dimensional film technology has come a long way since Los Angeles' Ambassador Hotel Theater premiered The Power of Love, made 3-D with anaglyph glasses.

Today, you can record your own home videos in 3D, with one of several 3D camcorders on the market. Sony, JVC and Samsung are just a few of the many manufacturers who have delved into this technology. Some video is made for replay on television, and some is meant for Web viewing, such as with Montana Satellite.

Prices range from the 149 for the Toshiba Camileo Z100 to 8,000 for the Panasonic AG-3DA1.

Main factors in the quality of the camera include:

  • 3D video type

  • Image-sensor size

  • Optical zoom power

  • Output types

  • Shot-enhancing features

  • Vivitar has just unveiled a 99 DVR 790HD 3D camcorder with 16MB of memory and a 5.1 megapixel, fixed focus shooter. It doesn't have the memory and firepower of the more expensive models, but it gets the job done. Store your videos on SD cards of as much as 32 GB.

    Don't be surprised to find even more advances in 2013 to bring a more affordable 3D experience for camcorder users.

    The Benefits of Technology as a Learning Aid

    November 12th, 2012 by admin

    As humans, we are very visual and hands on when it comes to learning. It starts when we come out of the womb and carries with us through life. The more we see and do, the easier it is to learn and understand things. As technology advances, it is much easier to learn and teach things.

    Children are much more attentive when teachers are allowed to use audio and visual aids when teaching new things. Just watching how students react to a lesson taught over a book compared to a video is proof enough.

    Handheld computers, tablets and even wireless phones with internet access make being able to learn something that much easier. We used to have to find the time and transportation to go to the library. Now a student has all that available and more at the touch of a button. Which allows them to learn more and discover new things that they might not have in the past.

    Even things as simple as slide shows are a good tool and, in some cases, save time for such subjects as botany and biology. Instead of having to wait weeks for a plant to grow, you can see pictures. More info here: Tools That Do Not Make a Teacher's Life Easier

    Sci-Fi Movies Got it Right: Current Technology Featured in Old Movies

    November 11th, 2012 by admin

    Sci-Fi Movies Got it Right: Current Technology Featured in Old Movies

    If you take a look back at the movies from the seventies or the sixties, you will soon realize how many references to technology have been actually used. For example in Space Odyssey by Kubrick, you will see many state of the art computers that were simply unavailable to people during that time period. Now you can see computer systems that also have voice interactive technology all around you. In other movies you can find electrical cars, which are now common among forward thinking individuals who are concerned about their global footprint.

    It seems like the sci-fi movies of yesterday become the technology of today. That also goes to show you the unpredictability and advancements that are made to technology each day. One thing is for certain, the Internet and computer science has influenced society in more ways than way in the 21st Century. If you look closely, sci-fi movies of the past feature a lot of digital and computer science related material that has become something very commonplace today. What that means specifically is that science fiction was not very far off the map when contemplating what the future would hold in stock for technology.

    The Ways Technology has Changed Your Everyday Life

    November 10th, 2012 by admin

    The Ways Technology has Changed Your Everyday Life

    There have been numerous advancements in technology over the past few decades. One of the most important pieces of technology that has changed and affected almost everyone's life has certainly been the Internet. Without the Internet there would be no social media, digital music, Google or other platforms for knowledge and research at the click of a button.

    Doubtlessly, the Internet has changed everyone's life. In some regards this form of technology has created a new and advanced method for people to communicate.This/tag helps explain it more. Looking at a scenario such as social media networks, this has created an alternate way for people to interact, socialize and communicate with one another. The Internet is responsible for the digital music revolution and for exposing thousands of bands online that would have never had the opportunity to have become successful independently, if the Internet did not exist. Furthermore, this has become a technological tool of knowledge, research, and other forms of learning. You can research any subject you want at the click of a button. If you are interested in math, science, politics or astronomy, there is no end to the amount of information you can obtain.

    The History of Computer Science and The Advent of the Internet

    November 7th, 2012 by admin

    The History of Computer Science and The Advent of the Internet

    We have to be lucky for the technological advancements of computer science because it essentially created the Internet. The internet has made life easier and more exciting for many people across the world. You can discover new things every day for learning and increasing your education. In fact, you can even take college courses online and get an undergraduate or master's degree. In addition, you can build a resume, apply for jobs, vote, watch movies and television, download music, watch live concerts and more.I was looking for more information and found it here. Essentially, the Internet is one of the greatest modern inventions of all time.

    Think of all the people around the world that get to communicate with one another, now that the Internet exists. Take for example, Skype, and look at how this one social media platform has allowed thousands of people to interact through video media across the world. The benefits of the Internet are endless and some people have described it as an online library and resource tool for continuing education, learning, and research. Furthermore, the Internet is a powerful resource that helps people stay in touch with what is going on in the world.

    The latest and Greatest in Technology News

    November 4th, 2012 by admin

    The latest and Greatest in Technology News

    One of the latest and greatest functions in technological news is the advancements of social media networks. In little over a decade, social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr, Instagram and many more, have taken over the ways in which most people communicate with each other. Some have argued that people spend more time online with social media networks than they do in real life with their friends, colleagues and family.

    Despite some of the negative reactions social media may have, such as isolating and detaching oneself from face to face interaction, on the whole there is enough positive explanations for social media networks.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here. For example, you can now stay in touch and interact with friends, colleagues and family from all over the world. This has never been possible before and you are exposed to thousands of new people each day. As far as communication, social media networks have opened a wide vista for exploring the potential of how people interact on a global scale. It has also been advantageous to business and companies for marketing and advertising purposes as well. Of course, there are the negative perspectives involved, but generally speaking the world of social media has given people a new method for communication.